Photo credit: Paul Rousteau


The score is about the difficulty to relate to the abstraction of the pandemic on a global scale on one side, and the falling in a period of torpor on a local and personal scale on the other side. It brings together statistics about the deaths due to the pandemic in Germany, and personal daily photos during the last four seasons. The piece can be played from 3 to 13 musicians. Each musician chooses a line. Where there is light (white grain), there is sound. It can mean volume or intensity, depending on the instrument. The ellipses are total silences and have a connection with the amount of deaths in Germany. The photos and the seasons are like a narrative frame to the composition. In this frame one comes back to very basic transcriptions of sensations: where you have light, you have sound.

It transcripts for me this feeling of torpor, uncertainty, to go everyday step by step. 

The composition is based on the statistics of the Robert Koch Institute in Germany. 

Laure Boer

Laure Boer

Laure Boer combines the expected and the unexpected. As much music as ritual, performance as spell, Boer fittingly describes her sound as ‘witchtronic’. Out of sonic abstraction emerges a system of beat, chirrup and hum, then from nowhere a voice, singing or reciting in her native French. Coming from a musical family (her mother and father were opera singer and choir director, respectively), she directs her instruments–a sprawling table full of small wooden utensils, clattering metallic objects, and stringed artefacts–to perform, pushing them into strange shapes, odd contortions, and sometimes startling beauty.

In last fall 2019 she did a 2 month residency in Manila, Philippines, organized by CTM Festival, Goethe-Institut, Nusasonic and Musicboard Berlin. She performed at the WSK Festival in Manila together with the musician Auspicious Family. In January 2020 she was resident at Amplify Berlin, ACUD, with Rabih Beaini as mentor.

Instructions to play the score:

• Choose a line. There must be at least one line chosen per block.


• The light (white grain) is the sound. The more light, the more sound. It can mean intensity or volume, depending on the instrument you play. Note that you always have a bit of grain, which means always a bit of sound.


• The ellipses are total silences. The size of the ellipses gives an indication of the deepness of the silence. It is an indication of the deepness to dive in this silence. Note that the silences have dynamics in the way you fall in it and come out.



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