數字, the word translated from “number” in Chinese, has more than one connotation. It is not only used as a noun but also a verb in describing the action of counting. The score is derived from the dates of events and incidents happened during the democratic protest in Hong Kong, 2019.1 With the associations and linkings of The 1989 Tiananmen Square Incident in Beijing, China2.  June 4, or its variations like 64 / 8964 / 35th May, are banned from the internet and general media in China because of its sensitive and controversial nature. As with the newly proposed National Security Law3 from the HKSAR government, the dates in the score may also be likely banned in the future.




No One Pulse

An experimental electro-acoustic duo formed by Wong Chung-fai (Sin:Ned) and Chau Kin-wai (KWC) from Hong Kong. Their collaboration first started in 2003 for the audio/visual internet project “60 seconds” and participated in the multi-media live event “Media Jam” for Hong Kong Sound & Vision Festival in 2003.

The two formed as No One Pulse in 2006, exploring the concept of free improvisation and the world of free-from electronics that embraces randomness, chaotic structure, and microsound methodology by means of non-musical instrument and devices.

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